About AAAW

Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW) is a resource that provides mentoring, fellowship and educational opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander adoptees and the community. Based in Seattle, AAAW is a federal 501(c)(3) status nonprofit organization led by an all volunteer board of directors.

Our History

Our 10th anniversary celebration in 2006
On December 7, 1996, a group of adult adoptees met for dinner in Seattle and began discussing the potential for an adoptee organization. Although this was the first time some of the adoptees had met, they agreed that there was a need for camaraderie among adult adoptees. At that time, no networks for adult adoptees existed in Washington. Since our founding, our focus was and has been primarily on resources for adoptees, including programs specifically for teens.

Thousands of adult adoptees have been raised in environments devoid of the types of resources available to the current generation of adoptees. However, there are many experiences unique to being adopted that many of us share, regardless of our generation. AAAW exists as a result of a belief that together, adoptees are a community.

We provide:
  • Information on upcoming adoptee-related and other Asian American and Pacific Islander community events
  • A social environment for adult adoptees to network and create lasting friendships through monthly dinners
  • Teen mentorship programs and activities for teenaged adoptees
  • Resources to surrounding community members who are interested in learning about the experiences of transnational and transracial adoptees through a variety of events and activities